Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to The Real Deal!


The Real Deal will launch on 1/1/13, complete with a Launch Celebration featuring some awesome giveaways and fantastic freebies!

Photo Credit: Tammra McCauley
The Real Deal is all about helping busy families like yours make the most of your time and your budget! I scour the interwebs looking for the most amazing deals for you, from some great merchants! I'll also be including weekly store sales, meal plans, and recipes to make your grocery budget stretch. I'll throw in some tips on stockpiling and food preservation so that you can make the most of those grocery store sales cycles!

I'm a mom of six, and I know how hard it can be to make your grocery budget feed many hungry mouths. I've been a wife and mother for more than twenty years, and I will be sharing my experience with you each and every day! While I will be writing about couponing, saving money is about so much more than just clipping coupons, and I am really looking forward to sharing with you about how I manage on a slim budget! I'll be helping you build a quality surplus of food for a "rainy day," that won't leave you wondering "What am I going to do with 12 boxes of cake mix and 8 bottles of ranch dressing?"

I'd love to keep you updated on my launch - including sneak peeks of the giveaways I've scheduled for the Launch Celebration! Sign up for The Real Deal Newsletter so I can let you know when I open the doors for the Launch Celebration, and give you those great sneak peeks of the giveaways I've scheduled! Once the Launch is announced, the Newsletter will go out weekly with updates on the deals and giveaways so you won't miss a thing at The Real Deal!

If you'd like to get notified daily of The Real Deal's Deal of the Day, and any other posts I do, simply give me a follow on Twitter or Facebook! This way, you get the updates when they are convenient for you, instead of clogging up your email box several times a day!

I'm so excited to be sharing this with you!

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  1. I look forward to reading your blog:) I am a new follower from Bloggerdise. I would love a follow back