Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Breakfast Menu Database

Fixing breakfast in the mornings can seem like a chore. It often means getting up earlier, and I don't know about you, but getting up earlier not something I like to do. However, fixing breakfast does not mean that you're putting together a feast worthy of a Las Vegas buffet every morning. With some planning, you can put together breakfasts that are healthier, and cost less, than cereal every morning, without spending an hour in the kitchen before you're awake enough to contemplate that idea.

I've included here a list of breakfasts that I use, along with side ideas, that you can either make quickly, or make a day or two ahead of time and reheat. When recipes are included, they are tried and true recipes that I've used, so that you know they work.

I haven't included traditional big breakfasts like bacon and eggs. I save big breakfasts for Sunday mornings, when, even if we're going to church, we don't have to get out the door in a rush.

Yogurt, fruit and granola parfait
Pancakes with fruit and yogurt
Waffles with fruit and yogurt
Oatmeal (I use regular oatmeal, and stir in additions: chopped apples and cinnamon, syrup, strawberries and half and half, etc)
Malt O Meal (The box may seem expensive, but even for my family (four kids plus one adult) I get 2.5 meals per box, so it's not too bad)
Banana Bread with yogurt
Muffins (Any and all types. We're happy to have some type of muffins weekly.) with yogurt
Cobbler (Also any and all types, depending on what's in season or what I've got preserved) with yogurt
Ham and Cheese Biscuits (using the Bisquick biscuit recipe) with fruit and yogurt
Peanut Butter Toast and Yogurt
Zucchini Bread with yogurt (I use the banana bread recipe and just substitute the zucchini)
Dutch Babies
Sausage and Egg McMuffins (Make sausage patties, scramble eggs, toast English Muffins, add cheese if you want. These also freeze well for on the go breakfasts)
Pumpkin Bread and yogurt
Cinnamon Toast, apples, and yogurt
Sausage and Cheese Biscuits
Breakfast Burritos
Ham and Egg McMuffins
Bagels and Cream Cheese, fruit
Apple Bread and yogurt

Photo Credit: bcmom
Each month, when meal planning, I add cereal to each Monday, because having that quick option just makes Mondays go better. Weekly I add some type of muffin and waffles. Then I go through and fill out the rest of the menu with these breakfasts. Because I know I'll be using bagels once or twice a month, and English Muffins several times a month, this gives me the opportunity to stock up on those items when they are on sale. They freeze well. On my Food Prep day, I make whatever I will need for the coming week, and put it into the fridge or the freezer, so that all I have to do is reheat. Meals like grits, oatmeal, and dutch babies I make on the morning they are served, because they either don't take too long or don't reheat well.

I hope these suggestions make planning healthy breakfasts easier for you!

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