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Meal Plan 12/23/12-12/29/12

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This week includes Christmas dinner. My favorite part of holidays that include big meals is that the next day, I usually have to do minimal cooking-which is great, because there's usually a lot of clean up to be done!

The kids are out of school this week, so a full week of lunches is included!

TC=Total Cost, CPP-4=Cost Per Person with 4 people eating (5 or 6 also equals the number of people eating)


Sunday: Bacon, eggs, toast, hash brown potatoes, canned fruit (TC $4.50, CPP-6 $.75)
Monday: Cereal (TC $2.75, CPP-4 $.69)
Tuesday (Christmas day): Cinnamon Rolls, orange juice (TC $6.00, CPP-6 $1.00)
Wednesday: Cereal (TC $2.75, CPP-4 $.69)
Thursday: Apple Oven Pancake, yogurt (TC $4.50, CPP-4 $1.13)
Friday: 2 loaves Banana Bread, yogurt (TC $4.25, CPP-4 $1.06)
Saturday: Pancakes, canned fruit (TC $3.00, CPP-5 $.60)

Bacon was purchased on sale, hash brown potatoes were made and frozen using potatoes on sale for $.19/lb. Cereal was purchased on sale. We usually limit cereal to one day a week but Wednesday was a busy day with dealing with all of the Christmas dinner leftovers. Bananas for banana bread are bought on sale when they are over ripe, and frozen. Pancakes are made with Make Your Own Bisquick mix.


Sunday: Tuna Sandwiches, chips (TC $6.70 CPP-5 $1.34)
Monday: Ravioli, cottage cheese, parm green beans (TC $8.00 CPP-5 $1.60)
Tuesday: Sandwiches (TC $5.00, CPP-6 $.83)
Wednesday: Turkey Sandwiches (TC $1.00, CPP-5 $.20)
Thursday: Macaroni and Cheese, hot dogs, corn (TC $5.00, CPP-5 $1.00)
Friday: Macaroni and Tomato Sauce (TC $2.40, CPP-5 $.48)
Saturday: Bean burritos (TC $2.00, CPP-5, $.40)

Raviolis are canned. Tuesday's sandwiches will be whatever everyone wants-just something light. We have Christmas dinner around 5 pm. For bean burritos, I make refried beans mix. By making them this way, they are quick, and I don't need to buy canned refried beans, which is a huge cost and time savings.


Sunday: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread, carrots (TC $16.00, CPP-6 $2.67)
Monday: Beef Stroganoff, cream corn casserole, bread (TC $6.00, CPP-6 $1.00)
Tuesday: Ham, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, deviled eggs, pickles, olives (TC $29.00, CPP-6 $4.83)
Wednesday: Leftovers (TC $0)
Thursday: Beans and rice (TC $3.00, CPP-6 $.50)
Friday: Roast chicken, cheesy rice and broccoli, carrots, cornbread ($8.00, CPP-6 $1.33)
Saturday: Shepherd's Pie, baked beans, bread (TC $7.00, CPP-6 $1.17)

The roast is from the freezer, bought previously on sale. I make my own bread. The beef stroganoff is made from the leftovers of the roast. Tuesday is Christmas dinner. Not only will that meal provide lunch and dinner for the next day, but I will make stock from the turkey carcass for soups, and the ham bone will be divided in two for ham and potato soup. Beans and rice is a much needed clean and simple meal after the holiday excess. The chicken was bought on sale. The cheesy rice and broccoli is made from plain white rice, chicken boullion, frozen broccoli, and Velveeta. I'd prefer to use a home made cheese sauce rather than the processed Velveeta, but I simply cannot get cheese sauce right. Cornbread is made using a make your own recipe for the cornbread mix.

Total Food Cost $126.85
Average Cost Per Meal/Per Person Served $1.14
Average Cost Per Meal $6.00

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